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Recruiting the right candidates requires more efficient processes than ever before.

We think that a modern high-quality recruitment software is every company's fundamental right. Don't pay for a recruiting system, use Jobilla.

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  • Integrations for talent acquisition
  • Jobilla ATS
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  • Unlimited job openings
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We help our customers solve even the most challenging recruitments by using modern digital marketing methods. On average, our customers have gotten 600% more potential candidates by using Jobilla's unique methods. Get familiar with our pricing below!

Digital Headhunting Campaigns Price Credits
Basic Campaign (inc. form designing) Price: 1500€ Credits: 3
Performance Campaign (inc. form designing) Price: 2500€ Credits: 5
Career Pages & Job listings Price Credits
Embedded Job Listing Price: FREE Credits: 0
Professional Career Page Price: 2000€ Credits: 4
Professional Career Page Clients Price Credits
Career Page / Job Ad Basic Campaign Price: 500€ Credits: 1
Career Page / Job Ad Basic+ Campaign Price: 1000€ Credits: 2
Career Page / Job Ad Performance Campaign Price: 1500€ Credits: 3
Employer Branding Videos Price Credits
Career Video x3 Price: 3500€ Credits: 7
Brand Video Price: 7500€ Credits: 15
Continuous Campaining Price Credits
Continuous Employer Brand Campaining Price: 500€/month Credits: 1/month

All products include:

  • Integrations for talent acquisition
  • Candidate pipelines
  • Automated messaging
  • Unlimited users

1 credit


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