Management Team

From emptying the office dishwasher to handling the product with care, here are our guys.

Commercial & Sales Team

The noisy ones. Made from a 100% winning team.

Service Team

Backing us up every step of the way.

Susa Pääkkönen
Susa Pääkkönen Customer Communications Specialist +358 440 221 690
Markus Kuusinen
Markus Kuusinen Customer Success Manager +358 504 019 602
Joonas Salmela
Joonas Salmela Video Specialist +358 504 042 706
Samppa Fjäder
Samppa Fjäder Video Specialist +358 505 050 922

Product Team

Here’s the geeky side of Jobilla, where most of the magic happens.

Miika Savela
Miika Savela Product Owner +358 444 918 325
Leo Sjöberg
Leo Sjöberg Senior Developer
Vladimir Andronov
Vladimir Andronov Senior Developer
Al McEwen
Al McEwen Front-End & UX Wizard
Mathilde Plichart
Mathilde Plichart Head of Design
Rizqi Djamaluddin
Rizqi Djamaluddin UX Specialist & Developer
Joel Rössi
Joel Rössi Junior Developer