How does Jobilla work?

Most of the potential candidates are already employed and aren’t actively looking for a job.

Jobilla has built a digital product that helps you attract and hire people from this specific group of passive candidates.

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"For the past 5 years we’ve been building a suite of digital tools that helps you find and hire the best possible candidates effortlessly."

Tommi Siro, COO


You can’t find the best people if you’re only advertising to job seekers. Expand your potential by stepping away from job boards and networks, and be where people are every day – social media.


Your Ads. Instantly. Everywhere.

Unlike other recruitment software, Jobilla integrates directly with Facebook, Instagram and Google's ad networks, making it easy to quickly create targeted ads that reach your ideal audience with unrivalled success. No more 3-month courses on online advertising strategy – just tell us what the ad should say and who should see it, and we'll take care of the rest.


Job Portal Integrations

Through our job portal integrations, we also help you with traditional channels such as TE-Palvelut (formerly known as Mol).


The passive candidates who don’t actively look for a new job don’t get interested into the traditional job posts. To get them interested, you need to show them how their life would change if they would be working with you.


Grow your brand

Having a careers page on your website is something that can vastly improve your reputation and credibility as an employer. With Jobilla, we help you build a tailor-made careers site that matches your brand identity. This allows you to continuously work on marketing not just your product, but marketing your company, making you the most attractive employer on the market.


Dynamic Forms

Convert your career site visitors to candidates with easy-to-use customisable and mobile optimized application or lead generation forms.


Jobilla helps you spot the gems from the candidate mass quickly and easily. Our enhanced candidate communication and discovery tools help you hire faster and more efficiently than before.


Technology that matches your process

You probably already have a hiring process in place, and we want to make sure you can keep your process, while empowering you to do better. Whether you have a simple call - interview - hire workflow, or a complex 10-step process involving handoffs and multiple managers, Jobilla's hiring board will adapt to how you hire.


One candidate, one place

We know you don't want to have several browser windows open just to see everything about one candidate. So with Jobilla, it's all in one place. Pursue a candidate on your hiring board, you'll find all of their details, forms they’ve filled, their contact details, their CV, all of it.


Hiring one or two people is hard enough, but constantly repeating the process as your company grows takes valuable time. That's where Jobilla really shines.


Turn Analytics into Insights

Jobilla automatically measures what works and what doesn’t in your recruiting process. Concentrate all key numbers that matter into one place, and turn them into meaningful reports and insights that help you succeed in hiring better, faster, and more cost efficiently.


Continuously Improve

With advanced analytics, you can quickly see what part of your careers marketing works, and what doesn't. You will go from guessing it works, to knowing it does.

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