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Measure results

Make better decisions

Make better decisions

Do you know why you succeed or fail?

Would you like to know exactly how much value you got from your time and money invested to recruitment? With us you know all the important numbers behind your recruitment process. Base your decisions on facts and start getting more value for your time and money by making better decisions.

Recruitment Analytics

Improve recruitments

Would you like to know why the recruitment process succeeded or failed? Why you didn't reach the right candidates or why the best candidates dropped out of your process? We collect all the important numbers from each recruitment and you can analyze why you succeeded or failed. This information is crucial so you don't make the same mistakes over and over again.

Company Level Analytics & Reports

Improve your process

For the whole organization it is important to know e.g. what channels brings the most candidates compared to the money spent on these channels. Get the overall statistics of your recruitment, what works and what doesn't. Start improving your process based on facts instead of opinions. For the executive team these numbers are crucial so that they can make right decisions so that the organization gets the right people onboard!

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Everyone on board

Invite whoever you want, and let them access just the data they need.


Safe and GDPR compliant

Jobilla takes security and jaa GDPR seriously. We keep your data secure, so you never have to worry.

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International support

We offer our software and customer support in English, German, Finnish and Latvian.

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