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Get more and better applications

You might lose best candidates with traditional forms

Your best candidate might be interested of your job, but how easy it is for him to apply to you? In modern market if it takes more than 5 minutes and you ask for attachments like CV, you will lose a lot of potential people becouse of an oldfashioned process. Especilly when internet is usage is moving more and more to mobile phones instead of computers, you cannot ignore this fact.

Your best candidate might also not yet make a decision that he/she would wan't to apply to your company. They would like to talk to you first. Leadgeneration is simply that you offer them some alternative solution like filling a test or talking to a bot for getting to talk to you before making the decision if they wan't to apply or not.

Modern application form

Maximize amount of applications

Candidates don’t have time to spend hours filling job applications. Applying has to be easy and able to be done with a mobile phone in less than 5 minutes. Our fully customizable forms give you the option to create both modern and traditional applying methods. The tool also informs you and the candidate if he/she fits the criteria you're looking for.

Recruitment tests

Turn interested people into leads

Most of the best candidates are not actively looking for a job to apply for, but are interested in new opportunities. Give them an easy option to see if you would be a right company for them and be amazed how many great candidates you get.

Recruitment Bot

Let interested people talk to you

Engage and create conversations with your potential future employees. Give them useful information and turn them into excited candidates. Opening contact with you has ever been so easy. We promise that your target group will love this approach.

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Jobilla takes security and jaa GDPR seriously. We keep your data secure, so you never have to worry.

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