Recruitment has become hard.
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Finding the right employees is key to your success

Finding the right employees is key element that makes your company win or lose. Unfortunately, the competition for the best has increased a lot in recent years. One of the main reasons is that the majority of the most potential employees are already employed and not actively looking for a job. Whether your looking for developers, sales people, nurses or construction workers, passively posting a job ad in a job portal and waiting for them to apply just no longer works as it should. We have been solving the recruitment problems for the last 5 years, and found out the following problems in the market.


Traditional recruiting is broken

Ads don't reach

The best candidates are already employed and are not actively looking for a job from job portals

Ads are boring

Text ads look generic, tedious and boring. Great candidates don’t have time to read ads!

Competitors get your candidates

Job portals show your ads next to your competitor’s. You’re losing candidates to another ad right next to yours!

Applying is hard

Traditional application forms are hard to fill and takes way too much time. And if the candidate uses mobile, applying becomes almost impossible

Forms are full of obstacles

Traditional application forms ask lots of unnecessary information even when the information will be completely useless in recruitment decisions

People don't want to be rejected

Sending a job application is psychologically hard. It makes you vulnerable to rejection and there is a proven psycholigal barrier to apply

Handling candidates takes forever

If you manage to get a lot of candidates, it's a lot of manual work to go through them all. You end up spending hours going through unqualified candidates.

Candidates feel abandoned

The people that apply to jobs get frustrated as they never hear from the company. This destroys your employer brand and makes sure that they will apply never again

Recruiting is guesswork

Recruiting process seems to be some kind of a black hole, where succeeding feels more like coin-flip than a predictable process

Recruitment Solution

We help you with all recruitment bottlenecks

We’ve designed a cutting-edge recruitment software that fixes these problems. Work faster, hire happier people, and save money.

Reach candidates

Reach all your potential candidates whether they are looking for a job or not

Get applications

Multiply the amount of quality candidates that will apply to your open positions

Manage & hire

Focus on the candidates that match your criteria and hire the best of them

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