How was Jobilla born?

Hiring decent salespeople or developers proved to be a tougher challenge than we ever expected to be honest. Whatever we tried, nothing seemed to produce decent results.

Henri Nordström, Jobilla CEO Henri Nordström, CEO

The Initial Plan

Jobilla’s original idea was to build the best job media available at the time in Finland, and that way connect the companies hiring with the local talent available efficiently and digitally.

Jobilla Initial Project Plan

What we really do

We soon realised however that the majority of the best talent available in the market are often already employed. The ‘traditional way’ of hiring, by expecting people to magically appear at your doorstep with an up-to-date resume in hand after you’ve posted a job ad in the local newspaper, simply doesn’t produce any results at all anymore.

With solid digital marketing background we started questioning the old habits of hiring, and started to look for digital alternatives by utilising the methods of modern digital advertising and content driven marketing.

Since 2016 we’ve been developing a new kind of digital recruiting tool for companies of all shapes and sizes.